Teacher Info and Contact

Y. Weiser Yisroel Weiser
6th/ 7th/ 8th Grade Boys

   Mr. Weiser lives, breathes, and overeats education. Creating fun and meaningful leadership and scholarship experiences is his life’s passion and work.
    A Hebrew Day alum, who grew up in the College Area’s Beth Jacob Congregation community, Mr. Weiser returned to his community as a Youth Director and is currently a Judaic teacher who specializes in the middle-school course Jewish Knowledge. 

    Attending Yeshivot and colleges in Wisconsin, Israel, New Jersey, and New York, Mr. Weiser completed a B.A. in Psych, and a licensed M.A. in School Psychology. Working in the fields of edutainment, teaching, and psychology, Mr. Weiser tutored for Head Start, assisted teaching Judaics under Morah’s Danielle and Lihi of Soille, taught/directed secular studies in an at-risk high-school, interned and then worked as a school psychologist in the BOCES public system at HAFTR. It was then that Yisroel married the love of his life, educator, personal and professional partner Malka (née Mizrachi, now Morah Weiser). Together they moved to San Diego to bring back the best of what they had learned and lived. In and around the classroom and Jewish community Weiser’s live-what-you-learn approach creates an atmosphere of fun and meaning. Mr. Weiser is proud to be part of the Soille team and hopes to continue offering meaningful, relevant Jewish experiences to the students at Soille.

M.Weiser Malka Weiser
6th Grade Girls
    My name is Malka Weiser. I have had the esteemed privileged of being a teacher at Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School for eight years. As a teacher, I find it my duty to help inspire and encourage children, through the lessons of the Torah, to lead positive and meaningful lives. I look forward to being a part of the team responsible for growing your children into Jewish Leaders of the future!


 Rabbi Hollander

Rabbi Hollander
7th/ 8th Grade Girls


   My name is Rabbi Chaim Hollander. I have had the privilege of teaching at the Day School for 34 years. I look forward to an exciting and successful year in which your child(ren) will grow in Judaic knowledge, but, more importantly, in good middot.