Social Studies

Hello and welcome to social studies with Mr. Mahr!  In this class we take an in-depth look at history.  We don't just focus on dates and names, but instead on being critical thinkers who can analyze the who, what, why, how, and when of any event to get a complete picture of it with greater understanding.  Classes consist of group activities, simulations, presentations, skits, projects and more, all of which utilize technology and 1 to 1 computing.  In addition to history we also discuss geography and current events to round out our look at social studies and make sure students are developing into informed citizens of the world.

See the links to the left for everything you will need for class this year.  My website contains all of the presentations and handouts we will use this year. You will use Google Classroom to turn in some assignments digitally and Renweb to check your grades.

For any questions or help please email me at