What Schools, Parents, Rabbi's and Alum Are Saying About Soille Hebrew Day School...

"My husband and I decided to give our children the same Jewish education as Orthodox parents give theirs. Not because we choose to be Orthodox, but because we see how successful [they] are in raising proud, strongly identified Jews. By giving that same educational gift to our children we are confident that they will have a sense of ownership in their Judaism. We want them to go out into the world knowing why they are Jews and how to observe to any level, so that they can create their own Jewish identities, lives and families. Thankfully, at Hebrew Day School we are able to provide this to our children while also ensuring that they receive an excellent, un-compromised secular education at the same time."
 - Lori Carnot, parent of 1st and 3rd grade students at Soille
"The strong values I learned at Hebrew Day School shaped who I am and taught me to treat everyone with chesed (kindness) and kavod (respect)."
-Yisroel Weiser
Class of 1994
"The San Diego Hebrew Day School provided me with an outstanding foundation in scientific inquiry, intellectual pursuit, and Talmudic reasoning.. "
-Zeev Frankel
Class of 1987
"Thanks to the Day School's balanced curriculum, I have become a balanced human being who feels comfortable in both religious and secular settings."
-Abe Broudy MD
Class of 1987
"I have never felt such warmth and caring as I felt while attending SDHDS. The San Diego Hebrew Day School became my second family. Some 25 years later, I still remember my friends, teachers, projects and lessons learned."
-Lauren Cohen Morris
Class of 1979
"When I faced the hatred of “Anti-Zionism Week” at my college campus, the knowledge and Jewish pride I developed at Hebrew Day School gave me the confidence to organize and educate other Jewish students about Israel and to fight the aggressively anti-Semitic lies they were spreading."
-Yael Schwartz
Class of 1995
"The Day School taught me a love for Torah learning and to be proud in my yiddishkite. This has given me a strong foundation of values for the life I live today."
-Meryn (Snyder) Ellis
Class of 1990
"I remember Hebrew Day fondly as a place where I learned about the cultural diversity of the Jewish people. I learned to feel comfortable and a part of Jewish life and observance in every part of the world."
-Karl Jacobs MD
Class of 1979
"When our neighborhood was surrounded by fires and the police said we had 5 minutes to go, my sixth grade son, Steven, took only his Siddur (prayer book) from Hebrew Day School. Once our family was safe, Steven prayed with his two younger brothers by his side. I was so grateful he knew how to find comfort in prayer."
-Stacey Wechlser, mother of Steven, Adam and Harrison 
Winter 2007
"My son’s love of learning about Shabbat and the Chagim (holidays) at Soille Hebrew Day has inspired my family to bring back Jewish observance in our home. The warm and generous school community has given us many opportunities to celebrate with other families and to learn about the richness of our heritage."
-Rebecca Rothstein, mother of Jacob 
Spring 2008
"Hebrew Day provided me with the tools to explore my Jewish identity enabling me to develop a deep spiritual connection accompanied by a desire to be a committed Jew."
-Elana (Dychter) Rezmovitch PhD
Class of 1989