Ms. Hudlow

Rachel Hudlow

What is your role at Soille?

Middle School Math Teacher

Tell us a little bit about your history such as where you grew up, brothers and sisters . . .

I was born in Southern California but moved to Central America at 4 months old.  I have two brothers and one sister.  My family and I lived in El Salvador for about 9 years and Cameroon, Africa for 6 years.  My family currently lives on four different continents - skype calls these days require much coordination with time zones :)

What/who made the most impact on you during your school years?

I had several teachers in high school who greatly impacted me.  They embraced life and encouraged their students to live intentionally.  They modeled what it looked like to take their faith seriously and supported us in our journeys.

What are some of your talents, activities or hobbies that occupy your time when not at work?

Playing volleyball (at the beach, on grass, or indoors) is a favorite pastime of mine, as is playing guitar and spending time with people.  I’m part of a Lifegroup through my church and I enjoy learning other languages and traveling.

Who is someone you look up to and why?

There are many people I look up to.  One that stands out to me today is my father.  He is kind-hearted, generous beyond measure, and deeply committed to G-d.  He desires that people all over the world encounter G-d’s love.  He has led and loved our family with wisdom and humility.

What do you like most about working at Soille?

I’m thankful for the community of Soille.  I enjoy getting to know my coworkers as well as the students and families that are part of this school.  It’s especially neat to teach various sets of siblings throughout the years.

Tell us about a moment you had a great impact on students during your time as a teacher.

I’m encouraged when students begin to see the bigger picture -- that while math is definitely important, life isn’t just about mastering one concept.  The way we live, how we interact with one another, and the process of learning how to learn are life-long skills.