Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School is proud of the safety and security measures that have been added to help ensure the safety of our students, staff and our school campus.  From the intercom system to gain access to every classroom, to the controlled access doors on our campus and to the high quality surveillance video cameras, we continuously strive to provide a healthy, safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff.  In the 2018-2019 school year we will continue to endeavor to establish a warm and welcoming environment while keeping our security as our utmost priority.  All of our security measures seen and others that you may not see are all designed to help us keep our students and staff members safe and secure. 

All of us at Hebrew Day are truly thankful every day to be working with such an awesome group of students, staff, and community and want to do everything we can to assure that Hebrew Day is a safe and friendly environment. There are some important measures that we have made in the front office and check in procedure for our campus. We have a wonderful receptionist that will be the first friendly face you see when you visit our school. The receptionist will be monitoring the main entrance of Hebrew Day during school hours.

Visitors and parents should always first announce themselves either as a visitor when first buzzing into the parking lot, or as a parent by flashing your parent ID badge, then enter the building through the front door with their parent badge visible or signing in at the front desk for a temporary visitor badge. Remember to sign your child in and out with the receptionist when they arrive late, leave early, or have an appointment during the day.

We are extremely grateful to all parents at Soille for your cooperation and collaboration towards the safety of our students.