Middle School

Middle School: 6th - 8th Grade

Our middle school offers a rigorous dual curriculum program geared toward teaching students to become independent thinkers. Through a collaborative and problem solving approach, students experience meaningful learning that connects with them and prepares them for their future.

Students will participate in four comprehensive general studies classes which include English, Social Studies, Science and Math.. The Judaic courses offered include Hebrew, Jewish Knowledge, Jewish History, Chumash, Talmud and Yahadut.

At the core of our school's curriculum is our character development program-Successful Me. Graduates of Soille San Diego Hebrew Day will have demonstrated that they are leaders who can lead with inner strength, compassion, and appreciation. With the support of our teachers, students will experience leadership opportunities throughout the year. Participating in philanthropic activities within the community, as well as assisting in the learning of a younger student, are some of the ways in which our middle school graduates demonstrate that they have mastered the core concepts of Successful Me and are ready to live their lives in a positive and meaningful way.