Middle School Hebrew

The Hebrew Language curriculum focuses on strong conversation skills and vocabulary development. Most importantly, our students learn to appreciate the Hebrew language as a living, evolving language; they are introduced to various aspects of Israeli culture and politics, in addition to Jewish holidays and history. Our goal is for students to be able to feel comfortable carrying a conversation in Hebrew and be able to read and understand Hebrew texts with ease.

Hebrew Day uses the Hebrew program - iHebrew™ by Ulpan-Or from Israel for middle school classes. This program is innovative, interactive and was developed in Israel. Ulpan-Or program is successfully used in many Jewish day schools around the world. Ulpan Or utilizes a different approach to teach Hebrew in that it is an experiential conversational program that builds a child’s skills for two-way communication in Hebrew. The program includes video clips, audio recordings, built-in structured exercises, virtual flashcards, Israeli songs, and much more.

Reading Comprehension

Reading for comprehension is emphasized as well as reading skills. Students will be able to read and understand stories taken from the text books to practice both reading and reading comprehension skills. Stories are shared with students about the holidays and Jewish events, Derech Eretz and stories with morals to them.


We build on grammar continuously from year to year. Students learn all of the Hebrew pronouns, present, past and future tense, command, numbers 1-1,000,000 and infinitive. In addition the students learn prepositions, 

Creative Writing

Students should be able to answer written questions in complete sentences, and should also be able to build sentences according to the correct rules of grammar that were taught during the year. Students should also be able to write short essays according to the correct rules of composition.


Emphasis will be put on encouraging students to converse in Hebrew, based on their individual level. Students should express the way they feel on a daily basis using an interactive board in the class. 

6th Grade

Grammar : This year we will review Pronouns, present tense and infinitives, numbers (up to 1000).

Vocabulary Units and Special Projects:   “This is me” Unit - adjectives and feeling.  All about me - booklet and personal poster in Hebrew. “Shopping” Unit -  Advertisement Campaign in Hebrew  - group project. “At the supermarket” Unit - Scavenger Hunt in Hebrew which will culminate with a fun activity in the supermarket at the end of the year 

7th Grade

Grammar : This year we will review last year's materials and we will continue with past tense, possession and numbers (up to 100,000).

Vocabulary Units and Special Projects:   “My family” Unit -  Students work on a roots project - עבודת שורשים. “The Restaurant“ Unit -   Students will make a recipe book and then culminate the year with the  7th grade restaurant event.

8th Grade

Grammar : This year we will: Review last year's materials and continue with future tense numbers (up to 1,000,000!) prepositions. “Parts of speech” Unit in which we will be focusing on how to build correct sentences according to the grammar rules of the Hebrew language.

Vocabulary Units and Special Projects:  This year it's all about israel. With the new vocabulary in this unit, students will be ready for their trip to Israel by knowing words they will need while shopping, traveling, and finding their way around Israel. Projects include the “Young Ambassadors” Project which  gets to know Israel in all aspects. “Travel log” Project which includes a writing project (mini scrapbook) about a trip they have done in the past. Students also get a leadership role this year leading the Yom Ha’atzmaut Festival at school.