At Soille Hebrew Day, we take great pride in our connection to the State of Israel. As a school, we strive to instill a deep-rooted love of Israel in every single student. As part of our Hebrew language curriculum at Soille, we show our students the beauty of Israel and its significance to us as Jews. Many of our alumni have demonstrated the connection they have formed with Israel by studying in Israel, making Aliya, or joining the Israel Defense Forces.

The Hebrew language curriculum focuses on strong conversation skills and vocabulary.
Most importantly, our students learn to appreciate the Hebrew language as a living, evolving language; they are introduced to various aspects of Israeli culture and politics, in addition to Jewish holidays and history.

Our goal is for our students to be able to feel comfortable carrying a conversation in Hebrew, and be able to read and understand Hebrew texts with ease.


דגל ישראלסמל המדינה