Head of School's Welcome

Dear Prospective Parent,


Thank you for visiting Hebrew Day’s website.  Together, we can enhance your child’s learning and growth. 

Since 1963, increasing numbers of families have enrolled their children. Hebrew Day takes pride in its combination of rigorous academics and consistently modeled Jewish values, which build within the child a thoughtful Jewish identity and readiness to succeed in high school and beyond.  This foundation enables graduates to live meaningful and successful lives. 

As your school partner, Hebrew Day’s faculty has much to offer.  Throughout the COVID pandemic we have kept our students in school and maintain open communication with parents. We are ready to work alongside you to raise a distinguished, respectful young adult who is interested in making a positive impact on the world. 

My 40 years of leadership at Hebrew Day have convinced me that when parents and school collaborate, the result is achievement beyond either’s highest expectation. This collaboration polishes the finest qualities latent within the child, and this shared vision draws out individual strengths. This is what is meant in Ecclesiastes, Chapter 4, when we learn “two are better than one, for they get a greater return for their labor.”

Hebrew Day has highly motivated teachers and Rabbis seeking to understand your child as an individual. We draw upon the most current pedagogy and the timeless wisdom of our Torah and Jewish tradition.  Step by step we will build resilience and personal pride that will sustain your child’s mindset to grow throughout their lifetime.

Take the time to get to know us, who we are, what we are about, and then envision the enrichment your child will experience. 


Welcome.  Let’s begin working together soon. 


Rabbi Simcha Weiser, Head of School