Character and Leadership Program

Successful Me 

Successful Me is Hebrew Day's leadership and character development program.  The 21st century workplace, and society as it evolves, looks for core qualities and capabilities within its leaders.  Successful Me aims to teach each child, grades K-8, to develop within themselves the most valued qualities, character, and capabilities, enabling the emerging adult to tackle all situations that arise in his/her life as a student at Hebrew Day, and beyond.

The phrase 21st century is synonymous with rapid change and user friendly tools. Today everything seems to come easily. Information is readily available with a click of a button. To thrive in this environment, to be able to find personal fulfillment and happiness, and to cope with rapid change and the uncertainty it often causes, each of us needs to develop strength of character.  From these core qualities and capabilities derives the resilience to adjust, the respectfulness to interact with and collaborate with different personalities from around the globe, and the appreciation to celebrate meaningful achievements and good in the world. Hebrew Day is intent on graduating quality Jewish leaders for the 21st century. This is what Successful Me accomplishes. It guides Hebrew Day students to live these core qualities and apply the capabilities which are the basis for thriving in the 21st century, and throughout their lives.