Second Grade

During second grade students continue to advance their foundational skills in English, science, math, Judaic and Hebrew concepts.  Students continue to expand their reading comprehension skills and begin tackling more complex texts. Their writing moves from simplistic, basic sentences, to richer, thoughtful expressions. During this time they also deepen their application of personal responsibility, organization, study skills, and healthy social interactions.

This is an exciting time when Torah learning takes on new meaning! Students are able to independently break down words into roots, prefixes and suffixes. In second grade students receive their first Chumash to learn directly from. They practice independently and with partners, as they grow in their Jewish knowledge and excitement for learning. 

In all classes a variety of learning modalities are incorporated to ensure student interest and mastery. Using prior knowledge and making learning experiences relevant and fun are some of the ways our second grade teachers support student success. Students will have opportunities to learn in "centers," work on projects, perform for audiences, use computers and smart-boards, sing and so much more!                           


  • Chumash Presentation
  • Animal Report & Presentation